What can be done?

The joint cooperation of governing institutions with private enterprise has been a part of our country’s economic engine from the Erie Canal, to the building the railroads and even the Houston Ship Channel. But to rely on tax abatements from local school districts to achieve such economic development is completely counterproductive to the very reason to have the economic development in the first place.

Chapter 313 is up from renewal in 2021 in this 87th Legislative Session. If no action is taken, it will simply expire. Contact your Texas Representative and Senator

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Tell them to let Chapter 313 of the Texas Property Tax Code Expire. Do NOT renew Chapter 313.

If it is deemed that Texas State Government should play such a prominent role in Economic Development let it be through one plan. The Single Texas Economic Development Plan STEP.

Benefits of a Single Texas Economic Development Plan (STEP)

  1. Reinforces County Commissioner’s and City Council’s role in regional economic development – transfers this from school boards to county commissioners and city councils elected to originate economic development.
  2. Provides a single property appraisal – for both M&O value and I&S value.
  3. Allows companies to keep the full tax savings – by eliminating Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PiLoTs). These payments seem to have no oversight from the Texas Comptroller and even lack specific accountability to the local school board.
  4. Restore the full M&O valuation – so ALL school districts can contribute fully to the state’s recapture payments (aka Robin Hood).
  5. Single Texas Economic Development Plan (STEP) – One stateside economic development plan for the Texas Comptroller to administer.
  6. Simplify School Finance Formulas – School funding formulas are complex enough, removing economic development funding formulas would alleviate one aspect.
  7. Insure equitable utilization – the Texas Treasury’s contribution to one region’s economic development will truly deliver economic prosperity throughout the state.
  8. Increase transparency – include changes made to Chapter 312 for increased transparency as addressed by the 2019 86th Texas Legislature renewal process.
  9. Insure lifelong members of the district share – having true property values taxed appropriately contributes to lowering the property tax rate throughout the district.

Share your comments of suggestions at Chapter313ISD@gmail.com