How much of the Texas treasury has been spent?

The State of Texas has appropriated over $8,000,000,000 that is $8 Billion. The money has been spent on everything from windmills to refineries; from new construction to plant expansions. Though the money is primarily for the use of attracting new industry to the state, it is left to the discretion of the school district.

Each legislative session will begin with the monumental issue of a school funding crisis! But much of that funding shortfall can be attributed to the state requirement to reimburse school districts on tax abatements the very same school district has granted. When there are discussions on school districts funding needs, the reimbursement to school districts for these tax abatements is a big part of the shortfall.

The State Comptroller is the only agency with any oversight over the disbursements of the funds and that role is confined only to insuring the proper documents are provided and filled out appropriately.

No state authority to validate the application of the school district, evaluate the legitimacy of the business purpose, insure that the business would have been established with or without the tax abatement and no follow up to insure that the additional jobs and economic benefits were ever realized by the district or the state.

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